Offering children safe housing and education services.
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Welcome to Catherine's Children...

Our goal is to provide safe housing, and educational and social services for children under the age of twelve who suffer from mental, physical, and emotional disorders.  We will ensure that our special needs children are nurtured in a safe environment where they can develop as individuals and transition into the hearts and homes of loving families.

We have recognized the problem and realize the causes of neglect and abuse are multiple and complex.  Reason of such importance prenatal exposure to drugs and alcohol failure to thrive/malnutrition children whose physical development falls below the third percentile in height and or weight for no known medical reason have been designated "non organic failure to thrive."because of inadequate nutritional intakes as acutely malnourished. Often neglect is the result of a combination of personal deficits in parents: conflicting, non-supportive family systems; informal support networks; stressful life circumstances; and the absence of environmental supports for parenting.

Children victim of such neglect and abuse often fail to develop secure psychological attachments as infants and have a myriad of problems including, but not limited to, low self-esteem, anger, frustration, lack of communication and social skills, poor control over impulses, and multiple health and nutritional issues.  This continuum into adulthood only furthers a cycle of abuse and neglect, which we see as our duty to combat.

Catherine’s Children will provide a strong foundation in a nurturing environment where learning is enhanced by serenity, love, education, and an extreme focus on the well-being and specific needs of each individual child.  These children will become strangers to the abuse, neglect, and fear which was once so common in their everyday lives.
Safe housing and educational services for children under 12 years of age...

Our Vision...

Our vision is to implement specialized programs centered around our children’s farm which will allow us to teach a myriad of science and agricultural lessons, health and eat to live classes, as well as zoology, math, and social behavior. 

The 8,000 sq. ft. sustainable solar home boasts two ponds which can be used for fishing, relaxation, and environmental value writings; all which will prove paramount to the growth and feeling of value and love we are focused on instilling in our children. We discern nature, animals, and our caring staff to be the guiding force for the healing of our hurting children. 
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