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About Catherine's Children...

Catherine's Children is focused on breaking out of the broken foster care system.  We plan on challenging this current system and will work diligently, efficiently, and effectively to make our children a productive part of society as opposed to a drain and recurring problem common to today’s foster care status quo.  

Instead, we are focused on raising happy, healthy children who know love, understand love, and can offer love.  The cycle of anger, abuse, and hardship stops at our door... period.  This is not our mission; rather it is our promise to these children.

Harvard Home:

We are seeking the purchase of a 40 acre estate offering an 8,000 sq. ft. main residence and guest cottage.  The children will have ample space for living, learning, and thriving to become a successful contributor to society in the near positive future.

Tucked amidst oak and pine woods, embellished by two ponds, a greenhouse and a nursery, the children will be exposed to natural order, flora, fauna, instilling an appreciation and respect for nature which will extend into adulthood.

Land is a priceless commodity and with these 40 acres CC has expectations of improving nutrition, social skills, responsibility, and confidence within each child.  Knowledge encourages an optimistic future, which is what we are fighting for these children to have.

Community Outreach:

CC has identified a specific need not only in the community but within society; this need lies in a stable loving environment void in so many children’s lives.  We realize this problem is cyclical and with enough time, focus, and understanding CC feels it is possible to end this negative cycle.  CC will open its doors and teach life and parenting skills to those within the community and who desire to break out of an already broken system.  CC will prove to be a social activist for responsible family growth, health, education, and nutrition all the while identifying with the hardships so many families find themselves both emotionally and financially.

CC’s overall function is to satisfy a goal; this goal is to raise happy, healthy, educable children who know love, understand love, and can offer love.  The cycle of anger, abuse, and hardship stops at our door. 

A Message from the President:

The board members and I would like to explain our vision and ultimate goal in rehabilitating not only the children, but the system itself.  CC believes we have an irrevocable responsibility to save those children found in a harmful situation.

The extraordinary resilience and recovery power of children is based on the human protective systems operating in their favor.  Our belief produces a fundamental change in the framework for understanding and helping children in high risk or troubled situations.  We plan a preemptive shift, changing the conceptualization of the goals, prevention, and intervention which currently address competence and the current problems within the system.  We have researched the status quo and combat the institutionalized formula accepted by state foster care.

Our strategies for fostering a child’s spirit and intelligence will be a proven focal point in our care, proving to promote positive developmental consequences associated with our system’s focus. 

We were founded in 2003, and became a 501( c ) 3 in 2007.

The organizer of CC is a spiritual human being who holds a strong relationship with God, nature, and the land.  He himself was born with special needs and is honoring his mother Catherine by naming the foundation in her name.  It was the care, patience, and most importantly, the love which helped him grow to be a visionary human being, who is now focused on offering this same outpouring of love to those children finding themselves void of such care, devotion, and affection.  Love is a power tool and we know that our caring staff can instill a sense of purpose in each child by simply showing adoration and respect to these children.  

We thank you for learning more about Catherine’s Children ongoing ministry.

Thank you,
James Jenkins

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