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A sizable portion of Illinois children have physical, developmental, behavioral, or emotional conditions that require health and other service types beyond those required by children generally.  CC is clearly conveying an expectation of change by providing positive growth in the lives of children under the age of 12 years old who suffer from such mental and physical disorders. We offer family counseling, clothing, shelter, education, and quality medical care.

There are eight primary factors which contribute to placing children in at risk environments: unemployment, poverty, teenage pregnancy, low birth rate, premature births, and drug and alcohol abuse.  CC will provide intervention programs for infants and toddlers to help with psychological attachment as well as serious handicap disabilities.  Complimentary to the many programs provided, CC will provide service to special needs children in need of individual attention and a supportive environment encouraging high self-esteem and self-worth.  CC will help the children develop independence, self-sufficiency, and critical thinking skills.

Residential Services - The lives of children, especially younger children, are centered in their homes and the home environment. CC will provide a stable and loving home environment for children infant through age 12. There will be 24 hour care provided by certified Mental Health Professionals (MHPs). Our MHPs take on the role of our children's primary caregivers. They will manage daily activities ranging from mealtime to bath time. Our MHPs will also coordinate supportive service appointments with the administrative staff and accompany the children to these appointments. We foresee our MHPs to be the primary support unit and confidant to these children, offering the safety and stability common of a loving and understanding home environment.

To further the success of CC, we will provide three shifts allowing for around the clock care. One to three Volunteer Assistants will be assigned to each MHP, based on the age and skill levels of the children working with the MHP. CC currently has found two locations for the facilities; one located in Danville, Illinois, and the second in Harvard, Illinois.  The financial assumption of these purchases and the financing of the acquisition have been presented in the Financial Data section of the application.
Educational Program – Without proper stimulation and cognitive development at an early age, children may enter school unprepared, fall behind, and fail to secure positive peer relationships, which will carry them through adolescence.  At CC we understand how important education is to special needs development and future success. We are thus able to offer in-house classes taught by certified and experienced Special Education teachers.  This same educational staff has designed a curriculum specifically designed to meet the unique needs of our students.
Coordination of Supportive Services – CC will offer counseling, health services, case management, tutoring, and other critical services; we are focused on enhancing every aspect of our children’s lives allowing for key improvement in educational outcome, academic achievement, and positive social behavior.
Causes/Barriers – Because of the central role of family in children’s lives, aggregate shifts in the organization of family life patterns can have a significant impact on the care, status, and life experiences of our children.  These are national trends that are mirrored by families in Illinois.  CC will have cause/barriers to provision adequate change to a pattern of neglect.  Our professionals must address the causes rather than the symptoms.  CC will strongly promote a profound nutritional program; reason of importance being prenatal exposure to drugs and alcohol as well as malnutrition, all hindering physical and mental development in these children. Nutrition will be the basis of raising healthy children and proving love through our actions of putting a healthy meal on the table, that which is common to a stable loving home but has been neglected in these children’s lives.

We understand that life conditions of children are rooted in the life decisions of adults – parental responsibility when lost or ignored harms the child in countless ways. According to the UCS/2 study, nearly 90% of indentified neglect was physical neglect which includes the following: living in unsafe housing, starvation, malnutrition, lack of shelter and clothing and physical abuse. Contributing factors to such neglect and abandonment include parental alcoholism, drug abuse, and despair. Compounding these factors is the current economic crisis which only furthers economic strain and stress. 

CC plans to offer the safe housing these children lack and we will compliment this housing, nutrition, and educational programs with love, adoration, and respect. We feel that once this emotion is communicated and able to be accepted by the children, they will see they are worthy of love, safety, and the realization that they will succeed and have a bright future.

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